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Say goodbye to legal jitters, and hello to peace of mind with my DFY legal documents for business

Privacy Policy Template


Terms & Conditions Template


Terms & Conditions for Printables

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Coaching Agreement Template


Copyright Notice Template

Podcast Guest Release Form


DFY Legal Templates

Legal Pages & Policies Bundle


Get all your legal policies and pages done with this Bundle and save big $$$. It includes CCPA & GDPR Privacy Policy template, Terms & Conditions template, Disclaimers template, Disclosures template, Copyright Notice template, and more!

Build and protect your business dream

Feel a sense of dread wash over you when you think about all the legal requirements you need to protect yourself when running a small business? 

You’re not alone. 

Having worked with literally thousands of business owners and bloggers over the years, I know that you can often end up down a Google rabbit hole trying to make sense of what you need from a legal perspective to protect your business. 

It’s for this reason I created Legals for Business Owners. To help you access reliable DIY legal documents and business legal templates, leaving you feeling confident and in control.

Running a business is a wonderful experience most of the time. But it’s not without its legal risks and challenges. My DIY legal documents are there to help you sleep easy knowing an experienced lawyer has drafted these affordable plug-and-play templates. 

Business legal templates are a great starting point for small business owners, offering an affordable way to ensure you have your bases covered.

The templates available in the shop are ideal to protect your Australian, NZ, US, Canadian, EU and UK businesses.

Wrangle your legal bits and get back to doing what you love.